Luxury handcrafted knitwear designed and made in Norway



The Softlove’s story


Focused in the creation of knitwear, our young team reflects our love for cozy handmade goods and handicraft

with our lovely knitted pieces. We make our garment using combination of high quality yarns.



We individually knit each piece by hand with skill

and patience. Always in search of new ideas and experiences

inspired by all the beauty surouding us.



Our products are what we implement day after day, they are our response to thechallenge posed by the

ever-changing tastes and needs in the fashion sector.


Our range include knitted garment, accessories, jewelry and yarn made with a variety of techniques.


All of our merchandise is handmade, meaning each piece has something very unique. We love to discover gorgeous

wool and yarn. Also we use the knitted fur technique in our garment as its incredibly adaptable to work with and

allows us to create our contemporary designs.


Concerning the size of our garment you may see description of particular piece. If questions remain about some clothes, it's always best to ask us directly ...

Our website is updated every day with availability for all our products. If you have any questions about the availability of a product, please get in touch with us via this email order@softlove.no...

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