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Softlove’s team claims there is nothing better than using the most textural yarns and softest wools. For high quality knitting and crocheting we carry a wide selection of materials: from hand-dyed yarns to basic wools.


Now we offer a wide range of wool and yarns, which is very exceptional quality. Also plan to expand our line of knitting yarns with unique and exclusive items.


Our wool and yarn are even better in person than how they appear in photos: the colors, smoothness, softness… everything!


Do you know how long it takes to hand-knit a jumper? Almost 90 hours! This amazing number confirms why hand-knitted garment is quite expensive.


When buying handmade clothes it is better to take into consideration not only the quality materials that the artisan uses, but the unique design, skills, time and love spent creating an original and exclusive work of art.


Whenever you purchase Softlove’s hand-knit piece, you are investing in a unique and limited edition habiliment and are buying your own little piece of happiness.


While many companies no longer create hand-knitted pieces of home decor, Softlove’s team continues to do so because of the quality, uniqueness and coziness each items of home decoration. When you purchase a handmade piece there is no comparison between Softlove’s items and items that are produced by a machine on an assembly line. Our artisans give a special personality to each piece of garment created by Softlove’s team with love and care.


You can buy our handmade-knitted pillows, rugs, blankets… and we're not resting on our laurels! Softlove company is always looking for new ideas and trends.